Alam Bridge

Alam Bridge, Gilgit Baltistan

Digital Portfolio - Alam Bridge


"Built with a combination of iron rods and wood over the Gilgit River, the Alam Bridge is one of the scariest bridges in the world. The bridge linking Baltistan region to Gilgit and the rest of the country is about 300 metres in length.

This wooden, wire suspension bridge over the Gilgit River was built by Chinese and Pakistani engineers in 1978. In view of its dangers, regional authorities are deployed at the bridge to ensure vehicles do not exceed the speed limit. In addition, trucks and other loaded vehicles weighing more than 20 tons are not allowed to pass.

Alam Bridge inscriptions refers to the archaeological inscriptions on the rocks, near the Alam Bridge. The inscriptions are in Kharoshti and Brahmi script, and are mostly animal carvings and Stupas."